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Our Booking PolicyPlease ensure you are in a private room that will provide a space with no interruptions for the duration of your appointment.

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Soul Activation Reading: 1 Hour 

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$180

Mediumship Reading 

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$120

Spiritual Counselling/Private Mentorship Consult

. Duration:20 mins··. Price:Free

Spiritual Response Therapy

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$140

Soul Activation Reading: 30 Minutes 

. Duration:30 mins··. Price:$110


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Spiritual Counsellor | Psychic Medium | Teacher

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12 reviews
  • Tina·

    Such a wonderful and soothing experience! I didn't know exactly what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. Alexis has such a calming and attentive energy, and the Spiritual Response Session was very enlightening and helpful. :)

  • Melanie·

    I have been working with Alexis for a couple of years now and I really cant even put into words how MUCH this woman has helped me. Her energy is unmatched and so amazing. She is straight to the point, keeps me accountable while also providing so much guidance and clarity. I really feel so lucky to be able to work with her and would 100% recommend others to work with her as well.

  • Andrea·

    Working with Alexis is a dream come true! It is comfortable and easy. Alexis is so professional and kind and has so much experience in all that she does, she is a wonderful mentor and friend.

    Alexis is genuine and really gets to know her clients when working 1:1. When doing psychic and mediumship, Alexis is very accurate and can really delve into deeper meanings and details that may be overlooked by someone else.

    If you want to learn, create, heal and become your highest self, I completely recommend working with Alexis. You will not regret it!

  • Giovanna·

    I have had some wonderful expereinces with Alexis. She is truly one of a kind. She is gentle and genuine and has a kindred spirit.
    Alexis makes you feel comfortable and secure in a safe space. It would be very rewarding for you to see her.

  • Melanie C·

    The easiest person to talk to, with genuine concern and compassion about your well being and growth both physically and mentally. I was instantly attracted to her energy at an event a few years ago and introduced her to my team where she conducted a group therapy session. It was incredible and such an amazing experience our team spoke so highly of her. Since then I’ve dedicated myself to her one on one coaching and guidance to advance my mind, body and soul. Thank you for always keeping me grounded and whole. So thankful our paths crossed and looking forward to our future. Thank you Alexis for all your support on my new life’s journey.

  • Keri K·

    It has been hard for me to put into words the difference that working with Alexis one-on-one has been for me over talk therapy. I have done years and years of talk therapy, I can recite my issues and the part of my childhood they stem from like a well-memorized speech, yet the action for change never followed. Over the past few months in working with Alexis though, it has been different. In many ways, the sessions look much the same as talk therapy, but they are so very different. The first thing I noticed is that although we cover past events such as childhood, Alexis wants to help me move past it- understand its impact but not continue to talk in circles about it. I always found I could stay in the past over and over again in therapy, but Alexis helps me name it and decide how to make a change. Over the past 10 years, I have been trying to name and identify a struggle I had, and with Alexis she helped me to articulate in ways I could never express before. She has a way of asking questions that truly make you think and call out truths you want to avoid, but deeply know you need to face. She balances the time to think and process, and then knows the right time to push you a bit further. Alexis has reminded me all along that it isn’t about fixing myself, that I am not broken, rather aligning with my true self. It is truly a gift and an honour to work with Alexis. It is so clear she wants for you to find what you are seeking in your work, joining you alongside you on your journey- coming back to you and your truth.

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